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Poker Tips

Ask any winning poker player what the single most important poker tip is and the response you’ll get is, “It depends.”

Some players will say that proper bankroll management is most important.  Others will say that hand reading is the most important skill in poker.  If you ask 100 different players, you’ll hear 100 different opinions on the most important poker tip but all those tips will boil down to one thing: Patience.

All winning poker players are patient.  They have the patience to wait for the right cards in the right position.  They have the patience to wait until they have enough information about their opponent before they make a big move and they have the patience to wait until their bankroll is big enough to move up to a higher limit.

Patience can help a winning player off the felt too.  The average poker player fires up their online poker room, picks their limit and sits down at an open table.  When the player finishes his session (or goes broke), he logs off and continues his day.  That’s not what winning players do.

Winning players open their online poker program at least a half hour before their session so they can data mine.  These players open rooms that look like they could be profitable and start gaining information on their opponents.  Once they figure out which table is most profitable, they sit down and play until the game isn’t as profitable anymore.

When the winning player finishes his session, he reviews his play.  He pulls up several hands that he could have played better and analyzes his equity throughout each hand so he can fix leaks or optimize his play to make more in the future.

Poker is a multifaceted game and no single tip will make you a winner.  However, you can develop winning habits if you develop more patience.

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