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Poker Terms

American airlines

A pair of Aces in the hole.


Forced bet that players must make before seeing any cards. This guarantees money in the kitty for each hand.


A small card.

Back door

Hand made in the last two cards.

Bad beat

Losing when you have a very strong hand, usually to a very unlikely draw on the last card.


An onlooker of a poker game who is broke and cannot play


Playing a worthless hand in the hope of improving it is called ‘Playing on the come'.

cut it up

To split the pot after a tie.

card mechanic

An expert who manipulates cards for the purpose of cheating.

down to the felt

Out of money.

doyle brunson

10-2 Hole cards in Texas Hold 'em


The value of a hand or combination of cards.

even money

A bet in which you hope to win the same amount as you bet.


The profit or loss you would expect to make on an average Number of bets.

exposed pair

A face-up or open pair in Stud and community cards.

four flush

Four cards of the same suit.

free card

A turn or river card on which you do not have to call bet Because of play in previous hand.

free roll

A free to enter poker tournament, usually played online rather than at cardrooms. Prizes can range from a cash prize to entry into a bigger or major tounrament.

full house

A hand with three cards of one index and two cards of another.

get the right price

The pot odds are favourable enough for you to justify calling A bet or a raise with a drawing hand.

get there

To make your hand.

give action

Betting, calling, raising or re-raising.


To pull the card one is seeking.

hit and run

A player who has only been at the table for a short while and Leaves after winning big.

home run hitter

A player who makes big plays that requires maximum risk

jacks or better

When a player needs a pair of Jacks to start betting.


To bet the maximum.


The fifty-third card in the pack used as a wild card.

kansas city lowball

A form of lowball poker played for a deuce to seven low.

keep honest

To call an opponenet on the river, even if you believe he has a Better hand than yours.

key card

The one card that will make your hand complete.

kansas city lowball

A form of lowball poker played for a deuce to seven low.


Queens . Indicates the weak hand.

lay down

To reveal your hand in a showdown.

lay the odds

To bet more money on a proposition than you hope to win


To not make your drawing hand when final cards are dealt.


A hand that is almost certain to win.


To bide your time whilst waiting for a playable hand.

no limit poker

A game in which players can bet as much as they have in of them at any given round.


The best possible hand given the cards on the board.


ended straight

A hand with four consecutive cards. A straight which can be Completed by drawing the fifth card at either end.


Any remaining card that will give you the winning hand.


To beat.


To keep your hand or a chip on your cards.


When a hand is finished and the winner is determined the dealer Pushes the winnings towards the winner.


Four of a kind.


A tray that holds a hundred chips in five stacks of twenty.


Poor card that has no impact on the game.


A flop containing three different suits.


Three of a kind.

seventh street

The final betting round on the last card in seven-card stud.


the players in a regular game.

third pair

In Seven-card stud, the first round of betting on the first three Cards.

up card

An open card dealt face-up.


Bet for value as opposed to bluffing.


A measure of the up and down swings of your bankroll.


To be away from the table long enough to miss a few hands.


The lowest hand in lowball, A-2-3-4-5.

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